A fast-paced time-attack game that brings the player to the historic Globe Theatre--although it may be quite different from how you remember it. Step into the shoes of a dreaming William Shakespeare, compose a sonnet that will please Queen Elizabeth I, and acquire royal patronage that is so rightfully yours.

Write your glorious work by collecting mementos from Shakespeare's plays that are strewn about the theatre. But be careful--don't step in any traps, avoid the ghost that haunts the theatre, and above all, keep a close eye on your precious ink. Shakespeare is nothing without his ink.


  • Craft your very own sonnet based on the themes of wit, valor, and culture
  • Step into the shoes of William Shakespeare himself
  • Explore the beautiful Globe Theatre as it stands in Shakespeare's dreamscape
  • Avoid traps and watch your precious ink
  • Experience Shakespeare's works in a lighthearted way


This was a collaborative project with four of my classmates. My role was to create the pixel art and create the menus.