Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a 3rd person adventure game with RPG elements set in the OC starring two characters from different backgrounds who meet by chance and and find themselves embroidered in a hair raising mystery.

Follow the story of both Corrine Breckenridge and Adrian Greene, two seniors from completely different backgrounds who find themselves caught up in a hair raising mystery that would change both their lives forever. 


  • Narrative based game where your choices affect the story

  • Multiple endings depending on the choices you make

  • Build deep relationships with characters in the town

  • Customize both Corrine's and Adrian's outfits to your liking and see how the world reacts

The game is being developed in Unity, coded in C#. I'm working as the lead designer, programmer, writer, environment and character artist and animator. 


Summer Breeze was born from the Murder Mystery Project that I worked on in 2016.  It shared a lot of similarities in the gameplay expect with the addition of RPG social elements to give an extra dimension to the story. I got inspiration from the Persona games, the social links which flesh out the characters and aid the character development. The addition of a second character also adds the ability to see things from different aspects. Walking another mile in someone elses shoes is an important factor of the game Corrine and Adrian come from different backgrounds and eventually learn to see things from the others perspective. 

Another major theme in the game is holding on to grudges and forgiveness. Holding onto grudges can severely damage a person and leave them stuck in a rut and I think this is an interesting factor to base a story around because everyone goes through this at one point in their life.

A brief pic of the game in motion

A brief pic of the game in motion


The game takes place in over seven different distinct environments. To name a few, Venat Beach, Puzzles Diner and a Water Park. I chose California as the setting because the who, the OC which I loved as a kid. I designed the beach scene using various real life LA beaches like Redondo Beach and Venice Beach. I modelled the beach and it's assets in Maya and textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop. 


You control both Corrine Breckenridge and Adrian Greene at different times in the game and their stories intertwine. Corrine is from California which the story takes place in while Adrian is from New York. They both have very different backgrounds and learn from each other throughout the game.

The two main characters: Corrine and adrian

The two main characters: Corrine and adrian

The diner was based on a classic Diner and also takes inspiration from the show Riverdale. Was also in created in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. It was difficult creating a scene like this because this was the first time I ever did anything like this. I used a combination of emission lights, Directional and area light for the scene. I found a volumetric light script on Github which I then modified and used it to add god rays to the scene.

puzzles diner

puzzles diner

Another scene in the game is a Water Park which is where Corrine works. This scene was inspired by a very great movie, the way way back. The water park modelled after Water Wizz water park in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I spent a lot of time on Google Maps analyzing and mapping out the water park to be able to reproduce it. The water park is very important to the game as few of Corrine's classmates also work in the water park.  

The game will have a Wonder Wheel (Name not finalized) system which opens up whenever you are close to an object you can interact with. This objects might be any object in the scene ranging from a book, a computer or even another character you can talk to. Some objects can change the options on the wonder wheel for example, you can look at your reflection in a mirror and make funny faces. Small actions like this aid character development.



This is a choice based game and they are two types of choices, major choices and minor choices. Each characters have their own choices to make independent of one another and some times their choices will intersect. There are also many choices in the game that have nothing to do with the story but are there to develop the characters personalities. 

I'm thinking animations are going to be a mixture of both keyframe and motion captured animations. Facial animations will mainly be done with Blendshapes, I've created a couple already for Corrine. Lipsync will also be done through Phonemes and blendshapes used together.


The game is still early in development so some things are subject to change.