SHIFT is a 3D adventure game where you control 2 characters who find themselves trapped in opposite sides of a book . They have to cooperate and help each other in order to escape the book and solve the mystery of the book.


  • Explore small crafted 3D levels filled with exciting puzzles

  • Switch between characters at will with as each character has unique abilities

  • Control Tarro and Keanna and help discover the mystery of the book that has trapped them

This was a group project where I served as Project leader, game designer, programmer, GUI designer, level designer and environment artist.

title screen created by one of the artists in the group

title screen created by one of the artists in the group


This was the first game I ever created in Unity 3D. This was the group project assigned to my class in collaboration with the 3D art class. We came up with the concept to make a full 3D adventure game in the vein of Zelda Wind Waker but playable with two characters who could switch between each other. We originally wanted to create multiple large environments like a forest, a desert, a snowy mountain and a volcano lair. The characters were supposed to have special abilities like jumping, ledge climbing, vaulting and sword fighting. It was our first real game so dreamed big.


We had big dreams to create a large epic adventure game in a little over 6 weeks but as it was our first game, we didn't know how difficult it would be. First of all, we didn't have the skills to add all those fancy abilities like Ledge climbing and vaulting so we settled on the only we could do at that time, which was jumping. Both characters where to play differently. Tarro was supposed to be slower but able to get into smaller places while Keanna was able to float, move faster and jump higher. I used the unity third person character controller online which I was able to modify to fit both characters abilities. Each character has their own individual controller component and camera. I created the script to be able to switch between both characters seamlessly by simply disabling the controls and camera and activating the other characters own and vice versa. In my group, I was the only one that had modelling skills so I modelled both characters after concepts drawn by our two artists.

After we scrapped the original idea of large environments, I decided we should go smaller and pitched to the team the idea of small puzzle levels with platforming gameplay inspired by 3D Mario games. 

By that point the level design, puzzle design and creation was left to me and I was able to create four levels and program them. I took inspiration from Zelda of course with the maze level and hidden switches and doors. 

There were lots of things that i wish we were able to do like implement enemies, the sword fighting and ledge climbing. Overall In the time we had and our skills at that level, we made the right call to abandon those ideas and just focus on making a working game which we did. 

Playable Link: