This was a project I made for my lecturer Lindsay Grace for an independent study. I wanted to create an adventure game in the style of Life is Strange and the Walking Dead with multiple conversation options. I worked on it by myself for 3 months while I was still a student at American University. There where time constraints because of my other classes and projects. 

I always had an idea to create a murder mystery game inspired by the show Veronica Mars which is a TV show starring a teen trying to solve the murder of her friend. I started working on this game in 2014, designing ideas and writing the story and characters. 

You play as Kara Evans and Ian Blake, two students trying to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of their friend, Daveigh Montgomery. 

You control Kara in a 3D level with full camera control allowing you to look around the whole environment examining objects that will help you solve the crime. You can converse with other characters in the scene, learning their stories and even helping some of them solve their problems.

For this project, I created the whole Level in Maya and textured the objects in Substance Painter. This project was just to contain a single scene from the game where Ian confided in Kara that there's more to Daveigh's death than the police are saying. 

The game is going to have a robust conversation system and choice based gameplay where almost everything you do will affect one part of the story ranging from one story points that would affect you learning the whole truth or just a small thing that focuses on a characters individual story.

Playable Demo:

It  was made in Unity, programmed in C#, modelling of the characters was done in Maya, textured in Substance Painter.



bandicam 2018-10-24 15-15-08-919.jpg

So I started remaking the game for fun, I have more skills now and I can do a much better job with lighting, characters and facial expressions. Im also adding a flashback with Sandara formerly named Daveigh to show part of her relationship with Kara.

better lighting and new character shaders

better lighting and new character shaders

As you can see retextured characters, a look at Dara, new shaders and lighting.


It's the whole scene and it comes up to 20 minutes.