A 3D puzzle adventure game starring two siblings trying to find their way home they get caught up in a freak storm and find themselves shipwrecked in a whole new world. The game play is designed around both characters needing each other to advance and solve puzzles. 

A simple voice

A 3D survival adventure game where you play as a girl who takes care of her mother who falls ill after they are both caught in a blizzard. You take care of your mother by foraging for food, firewood while trying to find some help on an abandoned island.

summer breeze

Summer Breeze is a 3rd person adventure game with RPG elements set in the OC.  Follow the story of both Corrine and Adrian two seniors from completely different backgrounds who find themselves caught up in a mystery that would change both their lives forever.

always on my mind

A 2.5D adventure game that tell the story of a Emma as she moves to a new town and new school. The game will be told in diary format with each day having different stories as Emma tries to navigate her new life and friends.

UNDER the rainbow - prologue

A 3rd person choice based adventure game set in the affluent fictional town of Santa Charmant starring two schoolmates trying to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of one of their best friends. Inspired by the TV show, Veronica Mars.


SHIFT is a 3D adventure game where you control 2 characters who find themselves trapped in opposite sides of a book . They have to cooperate and help each other in order to escape the book and solve the mystery of the book.

ACid TRIP!!!

A small touchscreen game where you have to constantly repel incoming bitblock enemies using color beams and lasers. 

writer's block

A fast-paced time-attack game that brings the player to the historic Globe Theatre--although it may be quite different from how you remember it. Step into the shoes of a dreaming William Shakespeare, compose a sonnet that will please Queen Elizabeth I, and acquire royal patronage that is so rightfully yours.

cubes Quest Atari

An ATARI style top down 2D action adventure game in the style of classic handheld Zelda games. The sprites were designed in Photoshop and the whole level was planned, designed and created in Microsoft Excel. Made in the style of the classic game console ATARI.

Cube's quest 3D

An challenging 3D platformer prototype game where you control a cube man trying to get to the top of a tower. The game revolves around portals. You use them to navigate around the level and solve difficult puzzles.


A full recreation of the town of Alexandria in Final Fantasy IX. Play as the black mage Vivi and explore the town in all its full 3D glory.

Lighting study

A small project trying to study lighting in Unity 3D. 

mexican town project

A project inspired by the movie "The Book of Life". A recreation of a town with a stylized art style.