always on my mind

Always on my mind is a 2D adventure story based game. You play as Emma a new girl who moves into a new town and becomes friends with Harley a classmate. The story is based around their friendship and the challenges they both face throughout the game.


  • Narrative based game with different story branches

  • Side scrolling adventure game

  • Make friends, speak with schoolmates and participate in school activities

The game is being developed in Unity, coded in C#. I'm working as the lead designer, programmer, writer, environment and character artist and animator. 


Always on my mind is a sidescolling adventure game with strong narrative elements. I’m trying to tell a story about how it feels to be a new person in an unfamiliar environment. The fear of being the new kid in school and trying to make new friends. Emma meets Harley who becomes a good friend and she’s accepted into Harley’s group. Emma falls for Harley and does her best to hide her feelings. That will be a big part of the narrative. One of the main themes of the game will be acceptance.

brief gameplay screen

brief gameplay screen


I’d never made a 2D game in any context before so I thought I’ll try with this. I used some of the experience I already had with Summer Breeze and the Murder Mystery project for this and I think so fat it’s turned out pretty well. I wanted the game to play like a visual novel but a more interactive version. You can explore the environments, examine items around you to bring more life to the game. The game was going to take place in a diary format telling a story. Each scene is a different day.

There only 5 important characters in the story; Emma, Harley, Nick, Tensley and Levi. The other NPC’s in the game will have black textured characters as stand ins. They will have conversation bubbles in the game to show when they are talking.

The game is 2D so I will character portraits to show emotions of the characters and also special scenes, think like a comic book cut in image. The character will also have a cell phone with menus you can interact with. You can read the messages from friends and respond along with emails.

Emma is the main and only controllable character.

The two main characters: Corrine and adrian

The two main characters: Corrine and adrian

There will be multiple environments in the game such as Sonia’s room, school hallway, the Guidance counselors office, Chemistry Class, locker room, cafeteria and more.

These are the 5 characters.

left to right: levi,tensley,emma,harley,nick

left to right: levi,tensley,emma,harley,nick